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Buster Digital is the  Royalty free buyout music library  for film, TV, video games, youtube, background, commercials and other multimedia projects. Buster Digital productions licenses buyout or royalty free music. Buster digital only providers premium unlimited licenses for all tracks.  This means you pay once and use for ever. We have a simple pricing policy 299.99 for full tracks with unlimited license  249.99 for 60 second tracks, 199.99 for 30 second and 99.99 for loops. We are also currently converting our catalog into a LP format. This means clients will be able to save money by buying the full CD. Full CD's will retail for $2200.00 which is a huge savings from licensing each track individually. All come with a blanket unlimited license. Buster Digital eliminates all of the guess work. The reason we offer only unlimited licenses is because we want our customers to focus their multimedia projects not legal issues with music. We want to focus on composing great music and not worrying about a customer using a standard license for unlimited purposes. To solve these problems we only offer an unlimited license.

Licensing policies

Producers are allowed to unlimited use of tracks in their music, film , TV production or multimedia projects. If tracks are used for items that will be sold such as a album or video game Buster digital allows unlimited copies to be sold and no new license. If tracks are used in broadcast  cue sheets must be filled out for performance rights royalties. Performance rights royalties are paid by broadcasters and not the licensee or producer. All copyrights are owned by Buster Digital and tracks must be used in your productions. You are not allowed to resell these tracks as tracks as they are nor are you allowed share or give them away.

Thank You for using Buster Digital 

Uses for Buster digital Royalty Free Music includes.

Film, TV, Video games, indie artist, youtube and any other multimedia production

What's the difference between Buster Digital and other music libraries?

All of our music is composed in house by our team of composers. Buster digital is a focused library. which offers an unlimited mass market license  There are some huge music libraries that offer hundreds of thousands of tracks. We specialize in urban music, T.V, film and games.  We also offer a  one price solution. Many libraries offer different prices for different uses. Our pricing system is straight forward. We offer buyout or royalty free music ,which means you pay once and use for ever with no additional charges for your T.V commercials, Video games, films, documentaries or even indie artist.


Unlimited Mass Market License

This license grants all rights included in the Standard and Extended licenses, as well as the following:

$299.99 per full track
  • Unlimited number of worldwide copies/reproductions/downloads/sales transactions of revenue generating projects (e.g. paidapps, games, software, CDs or DVDs, subscriptions, including sales transactions for accessing online videos & podcasts, paid online apps & games, in-app purchases etc.);

  • National TV/radio advertising & commercials (in multiple cities, including the capital city and not  limited to one country);

  • Commercial theatrical releases, including film and TV. Includes use in a single project within multiple countries.


Prohibited Uses

All of the licenses above have the following restrictions:

You may not:

  • Sell, trade in, give away or distribute the music itself;

  • Use/include the music in different types of music compilations, such as music compilation CDs/DVDs, music albums, where the tracks are stand-alone elements; They must be used as part of a complete production

  • Redistribute the music as a part of different multimedia templates (e.g. website templates, video templates, e-card templates, slideshow templates, etc.) that are subsequently offered to multiple end-users for which the music is stand alone and not part of a multimedia project.

  • Redistribute Audio Clips as a part of commercially-produced and commercially-released on-hold systems that are subsequently offered/sold by you to other individuals or companies;

  • Use or redistribute the music as a part of telephone or mobile phone ringtones as a stand alone tracks. Must be part of your music production

  • Create/produce new musical works based on the music (musical compositions, songs) or release and distribute them Or attempted have a band play the music and distributed as a track in its current form.



New release In the City


A collection of Royalty free instrumental music with a crime and action feel. Perfect for an modern action movie, video game or T.V series that deal with Crime and or Action. Includes 9 full tracks plus 60, 30 edits, loops, intros and stingers.

New Release Dramatic Thrill

Dramatic thrill copy

Collection of electro Royalty free orchestral music instrumentals created for thriller and suspense scenes. Includes 10 fills 60 and 30 second edits plus Loops, stingers and intros.

New release Ride of the four horseman


A collection of Royalty free Action music download for use in Film TV video games and other venues that require and action sound. Includes 10 full tracks, 30 and 60 second edits plus loops, intros or stingers. Or you can License each track individually. If you License the entire Album its a much better deal with a hide savings. Buyout and Royalty free music

New release The Reckoning

Thereckoninga a

A collection of Royalty free Action music instrumentals for use in Film TV video games and other venues that require and action sound. Includes 9 full tracks, 30 and 60 second edits plus loops, intros or stingers. Or you can License each track individually. If you License the entire Album its a much better deal with a huge savings.

A heros return copy

A collection of epic orchestra composition of strings, pulsating drums, woodwinds, and brass, Perfect for an epic trailer, video game, dramatic movie scene. Includes 10 full tracks with 30 and 60 second edits plus loops, intros and stingers.


A collection of Royalty free horror and suspense instrumental music with a supernatural feel. Includes 9 full tracks plus 60, 30 second edits plus loop, intros and stings. Great for any film,Tv, video game that needs a supernatural horror feel.

Solution Graphics

Urban Audio allows you to bring the fire , laughter, pain and tears with our royalty fee music instrumentals. Urban Audio is dedicated to the success of those who need urban tracks for their projects.

Buyout music library composing 


As Indie composer your greatest challenge is to always try and produce the best, creative and highest quality work possible. To do this you will need the right tools.  Lasts face it most indie composers will never have the budget to go out a rent a studio with a 35 piece orchestra, so we take advantage of of the digital audio workstations and software samples and instruments. However, all tools are not created equal. All tools are not created for the same purpose. Some tools are great for hip hop and R&B whiles others are perfect Rock. Then there are some tools that try everything and there are other that have a very specific purpose. Even with this in mmd there is still a lot of overlap. After all the tools are only there to aid in your talent and creativity not provide it or replace it. When choosing your tools you should first have your goals in mind. Are you a urban producer of hip hop and R&B? Are you a film  or game composer? May you compose pop or rock music? What ever you specialize in  should determine what tools you use.




     Anyone serious about composing will have already invested a quality prosumer level Daw or digital audio workstation. There are many on the market . Depending on your budget, your learning curb and your current computer system you should be able to choose the right DAW for your needs. Most DAW’s today come with some built in instruments, However, to get a really high end sound you may want to invest some third party instruments. The first thing we will discuss is some of the top DAWs on the market for composers. These are usually prosumer level with a relatively small learning curb and easy on the wallet.




Most people consider to be one of the easiest and most  popular DAW’s for composing is FL studio. FL studio is know for the ease of using a mouse and keyboard for set recording. Many entry level and some advance composers and producers will use FL studio to produce Royalty free music, buyout music or production music libraries with sync licenses. FL studio comes with instruments and allows you add third party instruments. It’s a Windows only software




2.  Garageband is another entry level Daw that comes free with Apple computers. Although it is a loop based software it comes with some pretty with some pretty good software instruments that you can play. However, Garageband is limited. You can add third part apple loops or instruments  constructed for garageband, but you can’t add some of the more high end third party effects and instruments.




3. Sony Acid is another Daw that comes in a entry level package and a more advance level. Sony Acid is know for being a loop based software, but also has software instruments. Sony Acid is popular among entry level producers and composers. It’s a windows only software.




4. Reason is a more of a stand alone entity on to itself. It is a very power tool and mostly software instruments based. Reason is also a popular third party plugin for many other DAWs. It a is very popular with urban producers.







5. Ableton Live is unique in that it is built for live performances as well as composing 


and producing. It has many of the same features and some of the other prosumer level DAWs. It is also popular with Dj’s due its beat matching and crossfading tools.



6. Cubase is another DAW that  that is midi based and designed for composer and producers to create projects in midi but can also add software instruments.


7. Pro tools is an industry standard for recording software, although it can be used for composing it is not ideal. However, it does come with a suit of instruments and the pro-sumer level comes at a reasonable price. Pro tools 12 also has cloud based mixing. If your primary goal is composing  it is probably not the best  DAW, but if it is recording, their is nothing better so it really depends on your goals, budget and learning curve



8. Logic Pro is hands down the most power powerful DAW for composers.  It comes with a huge suit of software instruments and can be scaled with third party instruments. However, logic is a Apple only platform. At one time it sold for 1000 dollars, now for a price of 200 dollars a composer can have more power than they will ever be able to handle.




Now that we have gone over the best DAWs for composing, kets talk about some of the third party instruments. Even though many of these DAWs come with built in instruments, many of the third party instruments come with with far more detailed tools that offer a great deal of specialization and depth.  However, for basic composing , hip hop, R&B or other urban styles buying some of these third party software instruments may be over kill.  But, for more complex scoring  for projects like film, tv and video games these tools really come in handy.




  By far the most in-depth and detailed suit of software instruments has to be Native Instruments Komplete ultimate. 80 percent of composer shouldn’t need anything else if they have this package. It is by far the total package in composing. Reaktor alone will give you years of exploration. Plus the Kontakt player allows even more third party software instruments. However Native instruments incorporates pretty any type of sound you will need. They even use specialty instruments such as action strikes the cinematic percussion suit. The also offer action strings for use in cinematic strings and rise and hits among many others. No composer can go wrong with choosing Native instruments Komplete ultimate.






   If you are look for a a great synth nothing compares to Omnisphere. Omnisphere is no doubt the deepest and most comprehensive synth on the market. With over eight thousand sounds that can be tweaked and combined a composer can get lost for years using this software suit. This software is great for film scores and sound sculpting.




Heavyocity is a great niche software instrument that is power by Konakt player.  If you are a film or T.V composer, these sound are just what you need. The packages include Evolve, Aeon, Damage and Gravity. They give you everything from percussion, sound effects and melody. Anyone looking to score for film or TV would do very well with Heavyocity.



  Although these are not anywhere near all of the tools available, they will get yu the most back for your buck when composing Royalty Free music.



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